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Mental health struggles are real but so is hope, and you are not alone.
It's ok not to be ok with anxiety, grief, anger, depression, stress
and we can help. Reach out today for your free consultation,
and let's begin the healing process.
Mental health for the elderly
Depression mental health therapy
 Older age challenges are common such as isolation, depression, and declining health. But we cherish our seniors at Newbridge Counseling and provide affordable mental health services, to help them sustain a proud, peaceful,
and fulfilling quality of life.
Therapy for anxiety
Anxiety is a natural response to environmental stressors. However erratic
triggers of the fight or flight response can lead to sustained feelings of
emotional, nervous tension. We are certified anxiety specialist, and we will guide you through the appropriate therapeutic treatment to help
improve your quality of life.
anger counseling
Anger is a natural emotion, but
ill-proportioned anger can damage relationships and hamper
self-regulation. We will give you the tools and techniques to help
develop constructive responses.
Self esteem therapy
Self-Esteem relates to a person's feelings of self-worth, personal achievements,
and positive relationships. We'll teach strategies to help promote and boost positive self-images.
divorce counseling
Divorce can unfortunately be a traumatic event in many marriages and people often feel rejected, betrayed, angry, and hurt. It's important to understand and embrace your feelings. We have the therapeutic tools to help you with the coping process.
treatment for depression
Depression is recognized as a mood disorder. It can include feelings of sadness, loss, or resentment that interrupts a person's everyday life. We will help you cope with these negative feelings and help you navigate healthy paths to recovery.
Stress therapy
Stress overload can lead to dangerous mental and physical breakdowns. We will help you channel stressful events and process positive resolutions
therapy for grief
Grief is acute pain that follows great loss and can overlap feelings of depression. We'll provide the proper treatment to help validate your feelings and to help promote
the process of healing.
Life coaching
Life Coaching helps you see through the fog that keeps you unable to reach your goals, and gives you the strategies to be successful.  We'll help you target your unique skills and gifts by helping you to realize your strengths, and provide the support you need to achieve
long-lasting change.
 Telehealth is a convenient, practical method of mental health services that allows you to access the same level of services, as in an office setting. All you need is a private steady internet connection, to engage in the appropriate therapeutic service to fit your needs.
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Mental health counseling
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Mental health counseling
You don't have to stay lost in confusion and uncertainty, and
it's okay to seek professional mental health therapy.
There are no stigmas or shame here, and we can help!
getting mental health therapy
Start feeling the sunshine of life again. We'll help you build new bridges today for
brighter tomorrow.
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