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Mental health struggles are real but so is hope, and you are not alone.

mental health treatment

"I wake up every day, bracing myself for how my day will unfold. There's a negative emotional void that I have to battle. I was always tend to doubt myself, and I experienced lots of failures in my life. I think My self-esteem is basically nonexistent. Sometimes women call me cute or handsome, but I mostly think they're just being nice. I work from home so I don't have to be around people. I'm really  tired of living like this. I considered  therapy before, but my family didn't really believe in it. I know it's a culture thing, but I now realized that some cultural norms must be broken, especially when it relates to my mental health. Tamara and Lowell at Newbridge Counseling & Consulting Services have the experience to move me forward on a path to recovery. So no more talk; I'm getting started." 

Newbridge Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC

It's ok not to be ok with anxiety, grief, anger, depression, stress
and we can help. Reach out today for your 15-minute phone consultation,
and let's begin the healing process.

Depression therapy
Mental health therapy

Sadly there are some mental health agencies that practice ageism. They reject seniors past a certain age. But we cherish our seniors at Newbridge Counseling without any age restrictions. We provide affordable mental health services, to help them sustain a proud, respectful, and fulfilling quality of life.

We have a sliding fee scale based on family size and income. No one will be denied services due to financial issues

Conditions We Treat

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Low Self-Esteem

Trauma therapist


Local anxiety therapist


Local depression therapist


Local anxiety counselors


Local grief counselors


People don't often look like they suffer from mental health challenges, but they do and often feel confused about seeking professional help. But you don't have to suffer alone. Newbridge Counseling & Consulting Services are here for you, so reach out to us today and start your journey to recovery. We offer Telehealth, which is a convenient, practical method of mental health services that allows you to access the same level of services, as in an office setting. All you need is a private space and a steady internet connection, to engage in the appropriate therapeutic service to fit your needs.

Newbridge Counseling & Consulting Services

Start feeling the sunshine of life again. We'll help you build new bridges today for
brighter tomorrow.

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Please extend consideration by calling at least 48-hours prior to your scheduled appointment, if you are unable to keep it. Missed appointment hampers our ability to be available and provide quality care for others in need.

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